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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy New Year

Hope, everyone has had a peaceful and Happy Winter holiday's season celebration.

This poor old Blog of mine sure has been neglected this year.

Not, for a want of some great crafty, scrappy ideas or projects that I have come across in my blogger travels .
There are some wonderful techniques and projects out there that have been shared.

 To many Hats for me and not enough hands for the day ! ; )

Still here, though  : )

Looking forward to a Fresh New Year!
  I am going to attempt to clean up and organize this blog.
Hoping, it will make it a little easier to find links and projects I have shared with you all in the past and will be bringing to you in this New Year.

To end off the last post of the year for me.

I just want to give you a little update on what is happening with the ladies at the "Sisterhood of Scrap" Forum for the month of January.
Going to be some fun Challenges for you all.

Come on over and join the girls at Sisterhood of Scrap (SOS)! This is a great place to hang out, meet other like-minded crafters, and have a good time!! January happenings at SOS:

*We are going to be having a photo challenge by our esteemed photographer Sonya!! (Can't wait for this one!).
*Maggi is going to present a Photo Shop Elements (PSE) Challenge along with some tuts!!
*Colleen, our culinary queen, is going to host a Recipe Challenge of sorts!!
*We are going to be presenting a "Sister Blog" of the month!! Not telling you who the first one will be 'cause I don't know!
*We are going to be having a one-hour crop on January 23d hosted by Helen!
*We are going to be holding a "January White Sale" Contest (that will be flipping amazing!) with a prize to be won.
*And there will be a few other things too, but I can't tell you yet...
Come on over and join in!! Looking forward to seeing you over there soon!!

Thanks to, Helen for this update!

For those of you who are staying home to quietly bring in the New Year of 2011.

Scrapadabadoo will be hosting a New Year's Eve bash with projects and prizes to help bring in the Mo Jo for 2011!
 You must send off an email  to be eligible to participate in the prize drawings.

Laura Denison of "Following the Paper Trail" will be teaming up with Scrapadabadoo
for the New Years Eve Bash!

Here is a little preview of a project she will be working on with everyone.

You may find video tutorials for some of her other projects on her USTREAM Channel.

Couple of Projects of hers that I tried over the Holiday Season

Recipe Card Holders

PB and J Album
 Hoping, the New Year finds you all with many Blessings along the way.

Thanks for stopping by : )