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It rather denotes a lack of courage."

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Class Challenge

Technique Class 101 hosted by WeScrap.com and taught by Jessica Acs has begun.
I am taking this class to get motivated to use other mediums that may be used in Scrapbooks.
Using a clear glossy medium and glitter I created my title and added small touches to my layouts.

Inspired by the "Sisterhood of Scrap" Text Thursday Challenge .
Title is created in a Crossword pattern...taking that inspiration I also had in mind to place my photos in the same like manner.
This is the end result.
Emily paying a visit to my birdbath.

If you are interested in taking Technique 101 a second class will begin at the end of July you may sign up here.
Now to get out my paints and get messy!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer is Here !

Besides bad Internet connections(not going to go there..Grrrr) life has been busy.
Yard and pool are ready for summer fun...thank goodness,it has been very hot and humid in my neck of the woods.

Have my youngest and wife moved into their first home,in time to be settled for the arrival of their first child.
So excited,my second grandchild and one I can finally get my Grandmother arms wrapped around daily :)!

My first Grandchild Sophia is now learning to walk and talk at the same time!
Dear heart will be one next month so much fun to hear her say Hi with such joy and as loud and proud of herself as she could be !
Videos via cell phone as she takes her first steps!
Modern technology at times can be a curse...but also a blessing!

Preparations are under way to move my Mother down from the snow country to our area.
Will be so nice to have her here and active in our everyday lives.
Hopefully this will all be happening in the month of July.
Busy busy days ahead :)

Celebrated another Birthday and happy to say it is much easier than I thought to ease into this new age bracket :)

Managed to complete a couple of projects in my down time,and have a couple still working on in stages,will post those once finished.

Started a second family heritage book...(three sons must have three books).
I have discovered it is fun to redo a layout and looking forward to future layouts for the second album.
For this lo I used all the scrap pieces I had left over from my Recipe File and Arizona Album.."Waste not Want not".

Applied for May's Monthly "Mystery Envelope Challenge" for Junes reveal at the Sisterhood of Scrap and made my request on time to receive one of the Mystery envelopes.

The challenge to make a card with the products sent...Ughhh... I am sure you all know by now how cards are so difficult for me.
Stared at the small pieces for days but pushing myself I picked this challenge because it was a card.
The end result though I am happy with,it's the mental block I have with cards that drives me crazy ! :)

What fun it was to see all the different types of creations that came out of the pieces sent in the envelopes,all the same products but such different results!

Stop by and check out all the wonderful creations here.

Don't forget to keep your eyes open for the next call for the Monthly "Mystery Envelope Challenge" at the Sisterhood of Scrap and join in the fun!
While you are there you can check out all the other daily challenges and fun that are happening with the Sisters.
Also excited to say that I am the recipient of the May Submission Challenge for May on the Sisterhood of Scrap Blog.
What a nice surprise to see my name as the lucky draw!! the kit is beautiful!
Scrap Kit Sponsor for May on the Sisterhood was ScrapinStyle TV.
So many wonderful products in this kit!! Can not wait to get started!
Thanks so much Sisters and Scrap in Style TV !
Signed up for a technique class hosted by "WeScrap" class will be taught by Jessica Acs.
This class will run from June 26th thru July 26th I am really looking forward to learning some new ways to use some of my products.
Jess has such a delighful way with mini albums and embellishing,it's always an inspiration to view her creations.
Jessica also has a book soon to be released,stop by her blog "A Spoonful of Sugar" for more information.
That's it for now..a lot,is it not? ..lol..not sure when my connection will let me play again :)
Hope all is well with everyone in the cyber crafting world ...wishing a Happy Crafty Day :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Frame it !

I found this frame at the Dollar Store, could not resist picking up a few for future projects,how can you resist a dollar,very inexpensive craft project.

The four plastic insert frames are removed and replaced with a 6x 6 mini layout.
I kept the lumpy embellishments to a minimum so that the glass front would be able to set back into place.
My dear friend's granddaughter turned one, some of you may remember Emily,she is now one years old and such a cutie!

Happy first Birthday Emily!XXOO