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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Poppy Flower Tutorial

 I would like to share with you a tutorial on some Card stock Poppies I have been working on.
Very easy and fun to create.

A template link for the petals and center of this flower will be posted at the bottom of this post.

                                                  Products used
                                     Card stock and Clear permanent glue

                  Cut 7 Petals, 1 Stamen and 1 Center from the template.

Spritz your petals with water, fold in half then roll them into a ball.

Let dry slightly, then gently unroll.

Beginning with your first petal layer.
 Glue one end onto the other slightly overlapping your petals.

Using a total of 4 petals for your first layer.

Moving on the same way with your next 3 petals ,applying to your bottom 4 petal layer.

While your petals are drying, take your Stamen piece and slightly fringe the edges.
Roll your edges towards the center.

Gluing your center piece unto your stamen piece.

Add to the center of your flower.

That's it!

A little tip for you.
I like to apply my center to my poppy while my petals are a little damp. That gives me a little freedom to shape the petals as I would like them to appear.

Here you will find a template for your flower.

Thanks for stopping by my Craft World :)