"My darling girl, when are you going to realize that being normal is not necessarily a virtue?
It rather denotes a lack of courage."

~Practical Magic~

Digital Freebie Update

Just to let you know.
The digital freebies found on the right hand sidebar have been updated and now are ready for downloading.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sister Sketch Challenge

The new Sketch this week on the Sisterhoodof Scrap is a card Challenge..

Instead I used the sketch as inspiration for a CD holder for baby photos for my Mother...she is now twice a Great Grandmother for the first time ...both babies were born two weeks apart from each other,both girls!

I made my own template for the Cd holder and used leftover scraps to create the holder and flowers and small scraps of leftover pieces of ribbon.
If you need a little inspiration today head on over to see the Sisters,they always have something fun to inspire.

Friday, September 21, 2007

"SisterhoodofScrap" Fall Bog Challenge

I was not going to post all one sites Challenges on this Blog.
But have decided that I try to hold the concept of "Sisterhood" close in my own personal life,
so I will be posting all the challenges I do for this blog here.

I had come to an awaking,a couple years back that I was entering the fall of my life.
At first it was a strange realization, as I was changing,
so were the leaves on the trees around me.
Beautiful in it's bounty and glory...yet still sad,
as I knew that the days of winter, would soon be upon me.
I have always held a fondness for Autumn..this has helped me adjust to this new season in my life,I can relate to it.
This weeks Web Blog Challenge from the "Sisterhood of Scrap"
is to share our thoughts on fall,these are mine.

"If I Where a Color,What Would I Be"
Inspired by a past challenge on a board that no longer exists.
Music by Van Morrison

"Bag it Up Please"

The favorite fall fruit in my house are Macintosh Apples from NY.
A couple times in the season my Mother will send us down bags of Macs.
The crunch of the apple a good book and a rest on the hammock...perfect fall moment for me.

I store away the Paper Peck Bags that the apples come in as they are very sturdy and have good strong handles.
Pulled one out yesterday,inspired by a Members Challenge from ScrapGalaxy to alter a bag or can for Halloween.
I decided to make a bag to store my candy for the Trick or Treats this Halloween.

Located a cool mask found here and proceeded to cut it apart
brought out the Puffy paint,Card stock and glue and just had some good old fashioned fun.
I cut the mask apart and used Puffy Paint ,then painted in the lines with red dimensional paint.
I wanted something gruesome... for me Halloween is all about the Scary...my three sons are a big reason for that...Mums and Pumpkins are fine for me...but my boys always wanted the scary.
For a few pennies of paint and card stock you can add the Gruesome to your Halloween.

Monday, September 17, 2007

"Keep the Can"

I love the changing of the seasons,especially from summer to fall.
Something about the coolness in the air on a bright sunny day....just makes me want to play.

I decided today my crayons needed a home..I have had this small unused paint can around forever and figured today was as good as any to bring it to use.

I picked it up at a garage sale ages ago for a dime.

I was inspired by a challenge here posted by a DTM to play with School supplies...though it called for a lo...I chose to alter a project.
I found a crayon template here brought it down to size to fit my paint can.

With paints, ribbons, Cardstock, jute fiber and crayons,
some Gesso and Mudge Podge, I was on my way to a fun little project, in betweens load of laundry..(can't have to much fun).

So here is my little can for a dime and some old leftover supplies...before you kick the can to the curb....look it over you never know what you may come up with.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

"Waste not Want not"

My favorite new storage is .......cigar boxes...since I can get them free from my work...it makes it even better.
I like to use these for storing those little things that I just can not seem to find a home for.
They add a little color and storage to my bookcase shelf.
Here are a few I have done...with many more to come ..sitting unfinished in my storage closet :).

If you stop by your local Liquor or Cigar shop ...you can ask if they have any they are going to toss...most dealers of cigars like to remove them from their original boxes and store in humidors.
It never hurts to try...if not free ...I am sure they will only cost pennies :)

A little tip for you....the Packaging Basic Grey Ribbons come in can be opened and cut to size they fit perfect in the boxes and will keep your small spools of Ribbon from being tossed about.
It is also a great way to use of some of your leftover scraps of paper!!
My Motto is "Waste not Want not"

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


An example of what you can do when you are stuck for an idea on how to start a layout.
This layout is a combination of three inspirations one is a challenge by DTM Christy Mack at ScrapGalaxy Scrap your Flavor.

Sketch by Erica Hildebrand check it out she has some new sketches posted.
And using my Scrap kit from Scrappy Giraffe Kits
The scan color is off a bit sorry my scanner is funny with some colors...can not wait to get a new Scanner and printer...hopefully one large enough for 12X12 LOs. On my Wish list it goes!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Storage Solutions on a Budget

I have discovered when it comes to storing my craft supplies,I hate to pay the high prices for storage containers...not to mention the chunk of money it pulls from my monthly craft budget.

I am always looking for some inexpensive ways to alter common everyday products for storage...not only is it budget friendly but I get to craft and design my storage containers to my own personal taste.

One of my favorite storage tips is a tutorial on "Altered Vertical Paper Storage Holders"...you just use a 12 x 12 Priority Mail box that you can pick up for "FREE" (love that word) from your local Post office..a little archival Spray,Gesso and your favorite Papers and embellishments and you are on your way......the design possibilities are endless .Think of all the money you can save with this one tip!!!

Tutorial for this project by Nicole Wozniak Courtesy of ScrapGalaxy

Another little storage tip I like is for those long and just funny shaped tools we all have...that just can not seem to find a proper home.Take any tall box, (I have used a Liquor gift box) cut to size embellish with your favorite products.

This box is for housing my brushes...(Sorry about the funny side scan...for a blog challenge).
Not only is it functional and roomy but it also adds a touch of personality to my craft room.

So start looking around at the containers you would normally throw away and see if you can come up with some ideas for your own storage issues....Would love to see what you come up with !

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Going Digital

Created for MooTwo Designs September Tool Shed Template Challenge
My new Granddaughter Sophia.
(Product List: Template/ by Seestern
New Beginnings by KissthisDesigns
ZigZag Stitches by Natali
font/Tanglewood Tales)
I struggled for a long time ...on whether or not to learn Digital Scrapbooking.
In June I began my journey into PSE and am happy to discover,it is not as intimidating as it seems at first glance.
With lots wonderful tutorials,templates and Digital Freebies located on different Blogs and Web sites.
I was able to master the fundamentals of Digital Scrapbooking.
I will be adding Tutorial Sites to my List and hope you find them both helpful and easy to understand.
One of the things that has been helpful to me is to join a Digital Scrapbook Forum...
The ladies over at MooTwo Designs are so eager to help and offer some Wonderful Digitals for completing each Challenge.
Not to forget the Free Welcome Kit for joining!! Beautiful Kit!!
While you are there check out the Digital Store...the designers have come up with some
Awesome Kits for sale.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Grab a Sketch

Created for ScrapGalaxy August.September Star Challenge..... (Sketch by SGDTM BrendaB. /Darci Metal embellishments/all other Products from Scrappy Giraffe Kits
What to do when you hit a "BRICK WALL" grab a "SKETCH" I say!
There are so many talented sketch artists on the web it is hard to stay stagnate for to long ..When I am stuck with my new favorite photo,I look to the web for a sketch design that will suit my needs.
No matter your taste or style of creating ,you are bound to come along and find one just calling out for your added touch.

Another added bonus to Designer Sketch Sites..is that the majority have
some Fantastic Challenges and generous RAKs to offer.
Now how can you go wrong with those options..Challenges,Inspiration and Candy to boot!
I thought I would share some links with you of some of my favorite Sketch Blogs and Sites...Happy Scrapping All !

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Why I started a Blog

Started this Blog to help keep myself organized with my Scrapbooking and everyday things that inspire me.
My intent is to share some of my favorite blogs and sites that inspire me in creating my Scrapbook pages and projects.
Every so often I will throw in a challenge with an RAK just to keep it fun!
I hope you will have fun while here and find some inspiration to keep you on the path of Creating!