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It rather denotes a lack of courage."

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Just to let you know.
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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sketch Challenges at the Sisterhood of Scrap

My hubby

I have been trying to pick challenges,that will fit in some time to play with my papers and stash. Learning digital Scrap booking has been using up my spare time for creating,and my poor Scrapbook supplies have been crying out to me to come play.

Digital is so much fun to learn and create with plus no mess,but you know..sometimes a women just has to get dirty.

I love the papers from Cosmo Cricket "Halfway Cafe" that I have used for this sketch challenge,this collection works so well with Patriotic layouts.

With only a full sheet left and some scraps,I pieced it all together to make this sketch work for me.(I really need to order some more of this paper before I can no longer find it )

Posted on the Sisterhood of Scrap every Sat. you can find a featured Sketch designer Challenge.

I like to use sketches when I am in a time crunch..it is one less step in the planing.

This weeks designer on the Sisterhood of Scrap is Cherie Averill ,this is the first time I have tried her sketches and was very pleased with the way it all flowed together.Plenty of freedom to give it my own personal touch.

Check out this weeks sketch challenge at the Sisterhood and Cherie's Blog "Sketches-R-Us"you will not be disappointed in this lady's work.

The Sisters are always looking for new sketch designers to feature,if you like to sketch why not stop by and let the sisters know you are interested in contributing.

While you are visiting the Sisters take note that they will be celebrating their one year Anniversary very soon,so keep your eyes open for further details.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Seven Random Things

Well now ...I have been tagged
Here how it works:
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SusieScrapper tagged me!
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Share 7 Random facts about yourself on your blog.
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1. love to swim ,since I was a little girl I have always been attracted to water
2. talk in my sleep..more that when I am awake
3.enjoy working in the garden,gives me such a satisfaction to watch what I planted bloom
4. drive a spicy Orange colored car...I picked this color so peope could see my car..lots of little fender benders here..lol
5. like to go on long motorcycle rides with my Hubby,the view is always so beautiful
6.Afraid of frogs,lived in Panama for three years and they had the strangest critters running around
7.last but not least I will be a grandmother for the second time at the end of August beginning of September.
So there you have it seven random things about me.

Now I am not very good with posting on message boards...a little scarey not really knowing anyone...but I will give it a go.So here you go Susie my seven tagged people..hope you all don't mind.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Digital Easter Freebie

Happy Easter and Spring hope you all have a wonderful day.
Thought I would share a freebie and some holiday links.
If you would like to download "Doodle Peace" you may do so here.
Hope you all find peace in your personal celebration of the season.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

iScrap Crop

Goodie Bag Challenge
Digital Challenge

Sketch Challenge

Progressive Page Challenge
Monochromatic Challenge
Poem for Mono challenge

iScrap had a fun crop this weekend.So many inspiring challenges,but of course there was no way I would be able to do them all.
I believe I must be a very slow scrapper.

Have to to give it up to some of the women,they were able to do almost all the challenges,if not all !! Three cheers ladies I am in awe!

I usually average between 5 & 6 of the challenges and am content with that..I have my limits :)

There was also some make & takes that are on my to do list..one in particular is a flower box posted by Cami...so cute for the Easter table..Have my project prepped and am moving slowly on this...my camera is broke ...so no way was I able to have it ready for the crop (no photo to post).
here is a link to the project if you would like to give it a try!
Thanks Cami!! that was a fun project!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Digital Freebie "Doodle Garden"

Such beautiful spring like weather we have been having,the last few days in my neck of the woods.
After some much needed yard work was completed,a well deserved cup of tea in hand along with my sketch pad,I headed to the picnic table to enjoy the rest of what was left of a beautiful day.

Here are a few doodles I came up with while I took advantage of the moment and pondered on what surprises my garden holds for me this year.

If you would like you may find Doodle Garden here.

A small credit to JeanMarie's Digital would be much appreciated.TY!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Working with damaged photos

This photo of my middle son has been one of my favorites of him for years..I love how it captured his fun nature...but alas thru time and those darn magnetic albums they sold us years ago...there is much discoloration and dark spots.

I cleaned it up the best I could in PS,erased some of the worst of the worn spots,turned it into a sketch then an overlay.
Pleased with the look I decided it was still scrapbook material,here is the end result.

Now that I have tried this I feel happy in knowing that some of the worst may still be usable.