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It rather denotes a lack of courage."

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Digital Freebie Update

Just to let you know.
The digital freebies found on the right hand sidebar have been updated and now are ready for downloading.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Budget Storage

A couple of fun small projects for the budget .

Easy and inexpensive Ribbon storage idea
Tuesday Tutorials at Di Hickman's Blog ,via newsletter.
Thanks to You for sharing!
I love newsletters!Great source of information!

Here are a couple of metal tin projects for storage.

Both began originally as Cookie Containers.
The ribbons are leftover from Christmas packages that I received this past holiday and stored away for future use.

Gesso is used to first prime both the metal tins.

The first tin is covered with brushed on Gold Metallic Paint -dried and covered with Mod Podge,
added Alpha rub-on,tag and a ribbon-now is storage for all my small rulers.

Second cookie tin is also primed with Gesso and finished with Mod Podge.
I used a sponge to apply my paints first starting with the lighter colors and moving on to the darker shades.
Added my ribbon left over from a box of Christmas Candy.
Thanks for stopping by..hope you have a happy and creative day :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

In Memory

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Crafting in a Tight Space

One of this weeks challenges at the "Sisterhood of Scrap" was to share your creative space.
This is my half of a room that my husband and myself share for our hobbies and crafts.

It is a tight space,but set up so I can freely move from one station to another.

The computer and Epson Photo Printer are tucked away nicely in the armour behind the desk and chair.

On the right there are 2 bookcases that house my embellishments and tools I would need at hand when working on a project
.Next in line is my printer that sits on a file cabinet,the writing desk and chair are positioned so I have easy access to this whole area and over to my cutting and Inking setup.

My half of the room sets between to windows so I am able to capture plenty of natural light during the day,for night I have some inexpensive lamps I picked up along the way for task lighting.

The two shelves here hold some of my supplies.
Before I throw away any containers ,first like to see if they may some how be used for storage.
I have cigar boxes,paint cans,bottles,UPS,Plastic Pretzel Jars,boxes and glass jars.
I like that I am also able to fit in my Kraft paper roll on a shelf ,this really comes in handy when working with paint and Ink.

Found these wonderful boxes to the left at the Christmas Tree shop sizes ranging from small to large priced at $4:00 -$8:00,they house chipboard,alphabets etc.
Great embellishment and hardware,very sturdy

Over on this side of the room is my cutting and Inking station.
I took an old desk striped it down and painted .
On top of the desk I have two shutters,painted and hooked together with a piano hinge,turned upside down it makes a great storage rack for magazines and such.
Behind the curtain is a closet with 2 bookcases also used for storage.

Here on the left hand side of the computer is where I store my stamps.
An old tool chest I came across for pennies.
Cleaned up rather nicely with some Murphy's oil soap and bees wax.
After the cleanup of this project,I discovered it had been pieced together by the builder with old wooden crates that were used for shipping many years ago.
You can see the old brand stamps in the wood!
It also works for extra seating in my craft room.

Across from my desk is my TV and another old wooden tool box once used by farmers to hold supplies and my basket of magazines and books.
So there you have it my little spot in the crafting world.
It's what I call my controlled clutter.
As the old saying goes"You must have the right tools to get the job done right".

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Scarlet & Blackflower

Just wanted to give a shout out and plug to a talented young man.

Have worked along side this young artist in the real world now for about eight years and have had the pleasure of sharing creative ideas and thoughts with him.

I have some of his older Screen printed shirts when he was creating for Blissterdesigns.com
They have stood the test of time and the washing machine!

Not only is he involved in this new venture with etsey.com he also creates custom advertisement signs for local merchants.

Influenced by love of Steampunk art and what comes from the creative nature,Scarlet & Blackflower have produced a line of wearable art.

I was able to preview the shirts in real time and I must say ..Loved them!!

Looking forward to future wearable art designs from Scarlet & Blackflower .
Have a link posted in the sidebar for future use.

How about something wearable for a Scrapbook and craft enthusiast,would love to have a shirt a little cutting edge :)!
Best to you on this new adventure !

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Accordion Fold Recipe File

Have been busy this week crafting and making plans for Recipe boxes for Christmas gifts.

I find that when ever I go to visit my children or they come home for a visit there are always requests for some of their childhood favorite dishes.

Searching the web for some templates and ideas ,came across this tutorial that was my starting point.

Created the flap by measuring the width and then the height x2 and allowing for the overhang.
Mod Podged for added strength.
This file holds 120 3x5 Recipe cards,this file also will handle more..that is just the amount I used to fill my recipe box.

Discovered that by adhering double sided tape and Mod Podge together,it created the strong bond I was looking for to hold together the joining accordion folded sections.

It all went together fairly easy using Basic Grey Hang 10 and bits and pieces of left over Patterned Papers and embellishments that have been sitting in my stash forever.
Great Way to use up all those little left overs!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

" Mother and Child"
by Gustav Klimt

Today is Mother's Day ...the one day of the year that is set aside just for dear Mother.

Mother's come in all shapes and sizes,different backgrounds,cultures and financial status.

Influenced by their pasts and their Mother's Mother in the way of handling the children.

Each generation looking for a way to nurture a perfectly happy well rounded child.

Mothers have to deal with the everyday changes that occur in a family,some small and some life altering.

Some times the perfect answers to child rearing do not apply as each is her own individual with her own circumstance to deal with.

They say the bond between Mother and child begins at birth.

Both of my Grandmothers lost their mother's when they where of the ages 7 and 8 yrs in that small amount of time ,I can only imagine the great influence this and the times had on them both.

I asked my Mother once if she thought this was an odd thing that both my Grandmothers had lost their Mother's at such a young age and how did this effect her and her ideas of raising children.

She responded that above all else she knew her Mother loved her and nothing else mattered.

I take this as being the single most important lesson that both my Grandmothers were able to learn from their Mothers and pass down to each generation that has comes forth, is the ability to love and be loved by your children.

It will sustain you a lifetime.

Happy Mothers day to all !

Mothers Day sites
Day for Mothers

History Channel Video

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

NSD Layouts

First weekend home since my vacation,left me very busy around my little world.
I did try to work in a few challenges in from We Scrap's (Iscrap) online crop this weekend during my down time.

Also attended my first live chat with Rusty Pickle Folks being the guest...now that was interesting but crazy :) live chats are so fast it made my head spin a little.
If you get a chance check out the Rusty Pickle Challenge that is going on at WeScrap
I Muddled my way thru the chat and tried to keep up the best I could.
Did manage to ask a question about the Halloween line this year and it sounds like it will be a good one ...so keep your eyes open.
Hope you all had a Scrap Happy Weekend!

Scrap lift Challenge
May Flower Challenge
Home Decor Inspiration Challenge

Random Song Lyric Challenge

Tea Fold Make & Take Challenge

Friday, May 2, 2008

Back and ready for NSD

Getting back into the swing of things after my vacation out west.
Had a wonderful time sharing moments and memories with my two sons and their families.Granddaughter is as cute as a button and learning to walk.
Have some photos I hope to get completed thru the course of the celebrations online for NSD.

May 1st was my wedding anniversary will be celebrating with some Maryland Steamed Crabs along with my son and his wife in celebration of the final papers on their new home this weekend!Also they are expecting their first child Sept.4Th and it will be a GIRL!!
very exciting news as I had three boys finally the dynamics in the family have changed!!
Dear hubby gave me a Cricut for an anniversary present so looking forward to giving it a try!

Busy...busy weekend for me!

WeScrap (International Scrapbook Association) is hosting a fun filled weekend crop in celebration of NSD if you get the chance stop by and join the fun