"My darling girl, when are you going to realize that being normal is not necessarily a virtue?
It rather denotes a lack of courage."

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Digital Freebie Update

Just to let you know.
The digital freebies found on the right hand sidebar have been updated and now are ready for downloading.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Sketch Challenge

Another layout completed ,using this saturday pasts "Saturday Sketch Challenge" hosted on the Sisterhood of Scrap ,created by Deanne Burton.
I will also use this challenge in the "Use your Stash Challenge" hosted on the Sisterhood of Scrap Forum.You may find out more details here.
I chose to print my photo as Sepia for this layout as it will be making it's way into my Heritage album.

Photo is of my sons and their families together for the first time since the grandchildren have started to arrive.So nice to have been able to spend time with them all.

Journal reads
Like branches on a tree,our lives may go in many different directions yet our roots remain as one.
Thanks for stopping by :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Easy as ABC

My first layout completed from my trip visiting in the wild west.

My Granddaughter at 23 months can recite and recognize the letters of the alphabet !!

She is becoming such a big girl.

So, when I read the June 22 Monday Challenge posted on the "Sisterhood of Scrap" Blog.

Knowing this was just the inspiration needed to get started on some of those vacation photos .

I also created this layout to use in the Summer Challenge hosted on the "Sisterhood of Scrap" Forum.

"Use your Stash Challenge"

Have had these Alphabet Tags from a slab sitting around since 2004 ,this was the perfect challenge to help use them up.

Cutting off the tag end and distressing with Making Memories distressing tool, I was pleased with the final result.

Also would like to share with you this adorable Medallion Flower that Lauri has created and posted on her blog Paperville.

She has also generously posted a link to the video tutorial showing us how to create this paper flower. Can not wait to try this out myself.

Paperville always has such fun projects !

On an ending note I have added a Followers gadget to my sidebar...not to sure how that will work out for me.

I am just one blog of so many that are out there.

The goal is that it will help me keep track of the names and faces of the people and blogs that I also like to visit ...sort of a substitute for a blog list you might say.
Feel free to follow along : ).

Hope you all have a Scrappy Happy Weekend and Thanks for stopping by my Crafty World : ) !

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Favorite Eights Award

Hello : )
Just arrived home from my vacation out West.

Many treasured memories to look back on , time spent with family and my lovely granddaughters. An extra added bonus , a visit also from my other granddaughter who lives here in my neck of the woods.

It is the first time we have all been together since the birth of the youngest grandchild.

Looking forward to Scrapping some of those precious memories.
While I was gone I was tagged and graced with my first blog award from Angie from "My Scraptastic World" !! Thanks so much, Angie !!

Here is my list ...a little insight into what I am about.

*8 Things I look Forward to ( in no particular order)
1) More Grandchildren

2) A long life

3) Steamed Crabs

4) Fall (a visit from my granddaughter and her Mama & Papa)

5) My DH stays Cancer free

6) A visit up North to visit my Aunts and family

7) Long rides on the motorcycle

8) New projects to craft

8) Things I did Yesterday

1) Kissed my family goodbye

2)Boarded a plane

3)Read a book

4) Flew across the country

5) Prayed while the plane landed

6)caught a shuttle to my car & drove home

7) said hello to my dog

8) Went to sleep

*8 Things I Wish I could Do
1) Spend more time with my Children & Grandchildren

2) Have my garden look like the ones in magazines

3) Keep my DH Cancer free

4) Travel to Alaska , Germany and Ireland

5) have more confidence in myself

6) Write a handbook on Bartender Survivor Skills

7) Create with out second guessing myself.

8) Hit the lottery :)

*8 Things or Shows I have watched lately

1) Remote Control Car Racing

2) The sun setting over the desert

3) My family all together swimming

4) Spanish dishes being created

5) Watching my eldest Granddaughter while her Mama & Papa worked

6) My youngest granddaughter crawl

7) Bunnies feasting on my garden...bad...bad...bunnies!!!

8) The United States below me while we flew home

Now, to Award 8 other Creative Folks..now that's a tough one for me to do...not that there are not 8 Creative people I feel deserve it...just a little uncomfortable for me doing this type of thing.

8 Creative People I enjoy visiting hope you will also.

(out of the comfort zone I go :) at least a little abit...Ladies, if you happen to stop by for a visit please help yourself to this award....you deserve it!! Thanks again Angie !!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Plant Hanger and Paint Project

Some years ago I had purchased a wooden plant hanger at the Philadelphia Plant Show.

Through the years of hanging in my yard it had become so weathered and in need of some TLC .

I added it to this years spring list of to do's.

Wiping down and lightly sanding any varnish that may have been left on the hanger, making sure wood was clean and completely dry before beginning to paint.

The next step was to cover in white primer letting dry completely.

Next came 2 coats of white paint, letting dry completely between coats.

Decorating with a flower Stamp and pencil drawings , finishing off with acrylic craft paints.
Final step to coat with some outdoor sealer.

Side one view

Side two view.

Now to get it hung and fill the pots and this spring project will be complete !!
Thanks for stopping by : ) !

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Making a Crafty Connection

I have a connection again !!

Thankfully, the Service Agent on call decided to climb the pole and check it out, he discovered the line had not been serviced since 1994.

Numerous times they have been called to my home to service problems with the television and Internet connections, and always left after doing a quick fix.

Big thanks, go out to the young man who took the time to listen to my customer complaint and take the intuitive to look a little deeper into the problem. Great customer service ! Today, a cable agent was on our road with binoculars checking out the lines. Looks like we all may be in for an upgrade!

Not to say I have not been busy with crafty projects and life in general.

With Summer right around the corner there are so many projects around the home that needed tending to.

A little ongoing project that I have been working on are, jackets for some old Mason Jars, I had brought home from my last trip up to the cold North country.

Using scraps of leftover card stock and covered with Mod Podge for a leather texture.

These little jackets came together fairly quickly.

Eyelets and jute help to make for easy removal for cleaning the jars.

Close up of the most recent ones I had been working on..

Something about old Mason Jars... just love them :) !

I have a couple of other projects I had been working on I'll save for another day to post....now for some Scrappy News !!

While I was offline the "Sisterhood of Scrap" now have their very own forum !!

Very excited for the Sisters they have worked very hard on their blog to keep it friendly, fun and challenging.
I am sure you will find the "SOS" message board to be the same.

Message boards are difficult for me as I am sure they are for many others out there.
Blogs ...you can just jump all around and find so much creative goodness wherever you turn.

But , I do miss the fellowship of growing up in a house of crafty women .
Sitting around the table sharing ideas and new projects, discussing what products we do or do not use, tips & tricks .

It was always exciting to see, the mail box holding the Craft Club kit that would arrive for my Grandmother and Aunts once a month.
A special thrill when Grandmother would turn over her box to one of us younger girls to work on. Always, remembering who had worked the last kit she gave away.

This is one of the reasons I encourage those who stop by my blog for a visit..to check out the Sisters..I always come away feeling like I had just sat down at the table with a good cup of coffee and some fantastic Crafty ladies company.

Good luck Sisters on this new venture...hope this helps me get over the hump with posting on boards. I sometimes do get tired of being a lurker ...lol : )
Looks like there is a loads of ideas and creativity going on already !!

Speaking of Kits..a favorite Scrap Blog I like to visit "My Scraptastic World" by Angie is giving everyone a Sneak Peek ,using products from the June Kit showcasing on WeScrap.com called "Cherry Sundae" .

For only $19.99 I do believe for the price, you are getting your moneys worth.
Check out and see what fun ways Angie has put together using this kit.
Love this lady's style !

Thanks for stopping by my world...off to see all the creative goodness you all have been up to :).