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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Rustic Christmas Wreath

Hello again Blog Hoppers :) are you still with me...LOL.. wake up!

If you find yourself here, you have made it to the end of Create It- Green's first Holiday Blog Hop!

I hope you have had fun and have found some ideas, that you might find useful in creating your own green projects.

My tutorial this evening will be on the Rustic Stars that you see here in the wreath I have created.

Everything you see in this wreath is either Eco-friendly or is a recycled item.

Even down to the snowman, they are created from Styrofoam fake pumpkins cut to size with an electric carving knife , taking from an old fall garland.
Then covered with Puffy Paint.

Here are the tools you will need to create this Rustic Twig Star.

Once you have determined the size of star desired for your project, cut 5 equal lengths from your branches with your nippers.

Laying out your star for the best fit, proceed to hot glue your twigs in the order indicated in the photo below.

Finishing off with wrapped twine around the joined 5 points as indicated in the next photo.

A little hard to see here...I covered my Rustic Stars with a coat of clear silver glitter paint for a touch of sparkle.

The possibilities are endless in the ways you can incorporate this Eco- friendly, easy to do project into your holiday decorations.

As a thank you for stopping by and visiting I have a draw for a little blog candy .
2 sets of clear stamps from Autumn Leaves and Martha Stewart's Doily Scalloped Edge punch.

Only requirement to have your name in the draw.
Leave a comment, in any of the 3 Create It-Green posts I have shared with you today,
and if you would like, share your favorite recycling tip with everyone.
I will be drawing the winning name on Monday.

Thank you , Create It GREEN and to all the contributors for making this hop a pleasure and wonderful learning experience.

A special thanks go out to Susan for all her hard work organizing this hop! Great job!

And to all of my visitors as always thanks for stopping by My Craft World !

Have a wonderful GREEN Holiday!


Lindasueanne said...

Very cool, I love your wreath!

CyndiLou said...

WOW- Jean! you are anatural woman! love all your twig embellishments!

butterfly07 said...

I really enjoyed today's blog hop and I've found lots of ideas for crafts for my boys. I homeschool them and we're always looking for new things to do for art. Not only are they economical for your pocket, but also for the environment. I look forward to the next blog hop and thanks again!!

Jan said...

awesome projects!

Loretta said...

Great look on a wreath, I love the snowman . Great

Anonymous said...

I really love that idea with the wreath!
I love the Rustic Stars!

helen said...

i think you are a genius for slicing that pumpkin and creating snowfaces!!! brillant i say! i don't have a particular tip for going green but i am always aware all around me for ideas for repurposing, recycling and for just fixing things that are broke instead of buying new, i shop at curbsides, thrift stores, friends throwaways, and many times it is not for me but for my classroom ( i work in a school exclusively for students with special needs and budget is very low but demand for sensory items is very high), for friends and even picking things from curbside and taking to charitable thrift store to resell.

SueStampin Daly said...

What an awesome tutorial!!

Deanne Burton said...

Gorgeous! I love it!!!

Sue from Oregon said...

Thanks for stopping in today. I love that branch heart...saw this a couple days ago and sent the link to my "tree" friend that lives in the woods...maybe she will make me one? LOL