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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow and Then Some

Thought I would share with those family and friends who are not in the area,
some photos of yesterdays Snow Storm.
On top of the 20+ inches we received Saturday we now have had the additional same amount deposited in my area.We were in the bulls Eye Area!
These photos were taken in the morning as the storm began to take hold, by the afternoon I was only able to grab a couple of photos as the wind and snow were just to strong.
Now for some this might seem like nothing !
But for those of us who live in this area know that this is not a common occurrence and can lead to multiple problems.
Without the proper equipment to deal with this massive of a snowstorm it can be a challenge for sure!
Three cheers to our County and State road crew for your endless devotion for trying to keep up with this.
Our local News for their continuous news coverage with updates.
To all the wonderful neighbors who are coming out to help each !Great Job!!
Now time for the Big Dig Out!!


Colleen said...

Wow! Now that's some snow!! And here where we'll be hosting the world as of tomorrow for the Olympics we have rain and fog!

silvia said...

That is a lot of snow!!! Stay warm and safe :)

Helen said...

Wow!! Love those photos Jean marie, and stay safe!!! We have been lucky so far this year.. but it is not over yet!
These are going to make some awesome l/o's too!

Anonymous said...

lol, Jean I can honestly feel ya on this one. We saw about the same amount of snow and holy dig out right?! It's almost all gone now though...Great pictures! I live in town and I did get pictures, but yours are just beautiful, no cars or sidewalks..very pretty.