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Friday, October 26, 2007

Haunting Under the Full Moon

With a Full Moon upon us and Halloween right around the corner, thought I would add some spooky fun for those who celebrate.

Now if you are faint at heart or do not participate in the spirit of Halloween,turn around and ...RUN....RUN....RUN!!!! ....as this post is all about the Scary!!!

The first tale I would like to share,is one that is personal to me.

The tales of the Loomis Gang was a favorite of my Grandfathers to share with us on Halloween.
His Grandfather's land was the neighboring farm to the Loomis Gang in Central NY.
The Loomis Family and inner circle of friends where a ruthless Gang known to terrorize as far north as Canada.

For years they kept the locals under their rule of terror and lawlessness..finally to be brought down harshly by the hands of the locals with remainder of the gang scattered to the winds.
Looking thru the references and stories that have been written I have located mention of my families participation and dealings with the Loomis Family Gang.

Next on our haunting tour... is a link for you that will lead to many Ghostly web cams
strategically placed at some well known,thought to be Haunted hot spots.
Happy Haunting!

A tragic moment in American History ..set in the late 1600's our young country was blotted by a dark series of events...suspicion and fear ran amok along the new England territory.

In a sleepy little village of Upstate New York ,a legend grew and has stood the test of time. Firmly embedded and associated with Halloween in the United States.
Washington Irving has held generations captive with his Tale "The Legend of Sleepy Hallow"

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xashee's corner said...

WOOHOO!! Thanks so much for the FUN!! Have a BOOTIFUL day! :D