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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Accordion Fold Recipe File

Have been busy this week crafting and making plans for Recipe boxes for Christmas gifts.

I find that when ever I go to visit my children or they come home for a visit there are always requests for some of their childhood favorite dishes.

Searching the web for some templates and ideas ,came across this tutorial that was my starting point.

Created the flap by measuring the width and then the height x2 and allowing for the overhang.
Mod Podged for added strength.
This file holds 120 3x5 Recipe cards,this file also will handle more..that is just the amount I used to fill my recipe box.

Discovered that by adhering double sided tape and Mod Podge together,it created the strong bond I was looking for to hold together the joining accordion folded sections.

It all went together fairly easy using Basic Grey Hang 10 and bits and pieces of left over Patterned Papers and embellishments that have been sitting in my stash forever.
Great Way to use up all those little left overs!


Robin L said...

Oh wow it looks great! I bet the kids will love these.

Jacqueline said...

That is so cool!

Jenny said...

LOve this!!

Jenny in Maine
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