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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Crafting in a Tight Space

One of this weeks challenges at the "Sisterhood of Scrap" was to share your creative space.
This is my half of a room that my husband and myself share for our hobbies and crafts.

It is a tight space,but set up so I can freely move from one station to another.

The computer and Epson Photo Printer are tucked away nicely in the armour behind the desk and chair.

On the right there are 2 bookcases that house my embellishments and tools I would need at hand when working on a project
.Next in line is my printer that sits on a file cabinet,the writing desk and chair are positioned so I have easy access to this whole area and over to my cutting and Inking setup.

My half of the room sets between to windows so I am able to capture plenty of natural light during the day,for night I have some inexpensive lamps I picked up along the way for task lighting.

The two shelves here hold some of my supplies.
Before I throw away any containers ,first like to see if they may some how be used for storage.
I have cigar boxes,paint cans,bottles,UPS,Plastic Pretzel Jars,boxes and glass jars.
I like that I am also able to fit in my Kraft paper roll on a shelf ,this really comes in handy when working with paint and Ink.

Found these wonderful boxes to the left at the Christmas Tree shop sizes ranging from small to large priced at $4:00 -$8:00,they house chipboard,alphabets etc.
Great embellishment and hardware,very sturdy

Over on this side of the room is my cutting and Inking station.
I took an old desk striped it down and painted .
On top of the desk I have two shutters,painted and hooked together with a piano hinge,turned upside down it makes a great storage rack for magazines and such.
Behind the curtain is a closet with 2 bookcases also used for storage.

Here on the left hand side of the computer is where I store my stamps.
An old tool chest I came across for pennies.
Cleaned up rather nicely with some Murphy's oil soap and bees wax.
After the cleanup of this project,I discovered it had been pieced together by the builder with old wooden crates that were used for shipping many years ago.
You can see the old brand stamps in the wood!
It also works for extra seating in my craft room.

Across from my desk is my TV and another old wooden tool box once used by farmers to hold supplies and my basket of magazines and books.
So there you have it my little spot in the crafting world.
It's what I call my controlled clutter.
As the old saying goes"You must have the right tools to get the job done right".


Jacqueline said...

Wow! I love your scrappin' space! It's so neat and organized and you have so much stuff! Wish I could come visit adn scrap with you. :)

Jenny said...

Hi Jean Marie, LOVE your studio!! and LOVE the old tool box, that is just awesome.

Jenny in Maine
MY BLog: www.ThisEveryDayLife.com

Debbie M said...

OMG!!! I am soooo envious!!!

YOu have such a fantastic work space and a wonderful array of equipment! I have one desk in a corner opposite our computer desk (which is bigger) that houses my sewing machines as well as my craft stuff.

Debbie M

Lois aka katesmum said...

Wow, what a great space and it's so organized too! I also have a large space but it isn't as interesting and as motivating looking as yours!