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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Scarlet & Blackflower

Just wanted to give a shout out and plug to a talented young man.

Have worked along side this young artist in the real world now for about eight years and have had the pleasure of sharing creative ideas and thoughts with him.

I have some of his older Screen printed shirts when he was creating for Blissterdesigns.com
They have stood the test of time and the washing machine!

Not only is he involved in this new venture with etsey.com he also creates custom advertisement signs for local merchants.

Influenced by love of Steampunk art and what comes from the creative nature,Scarlet & Blackflower have produced a line of wearable art.

I was able to preview the shirts in real time and I must say ..Loved them!!

Looking forward to future wearable art designs from Scarlet & Blackflower .
Have a link posted in the sidebar for future use.

How about something wearable for a Scrapbook and craft enthusiast,would love to have a shirt a little cutting edge :)!
Best to you on this new adventure !

1 comment:

Lois (katesmum) said...

Hi Jean Marie... I am just lovin' that shirt! Your layout here on your blog...the one at the right is fabulous!