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It rather denotes a lack of courage."

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Making a Crafty Connection

I have a connection again !!

Thankfully, the Service Agent on call decided to climb the pole and check it out, he discovered the line had not been serviced since 1994.

Numerous times they have been called to my home to service problems with the television and Internet connections, and always left after doing a quick fix.

Big thanks, go out to the young man who took the time to listen to my customer complaint and take the intuitive to look a little deeper into the problem. Great customer service ! Today, a cable agent was on our road with binoculars checking out the lines. Looks like we all may be in for an upgrade!

Not to say I have not been busy with crafty projects and life in general.

With Summer right around the corner there are so many projects around the home that needed tending to.

A little ongoing project that I have been working on are, jackets for some old Mason Jars, I had brought home from my last trip up to the cold North country.

Using scraps of leftover card stock and covered with Mod Podge for a leather texture.

These little jackets came together fairly quickly.

Eyelets and jute help to make for easy removal for cleaning the jars.

Close up of the most recent ones I had been working on..

Something about old Mason Jars... just love them :) !

I have a couple of other projects I had been working on I'll save for another day to post....now for some Scrappy News !!

While I was offline the "Sisterhood of Scrap" now have their very own forum !!

Very excited for the Sisters they have worked very hard on their blog to keep it friendly, fun and challenging.
I am sure you will find the "SOS" message board to be the same.

Message boards are difficult for me as I am sure they are for many others out there.
Blogs ...you can just jump all around and find so much creative goodness wherever you turn.

But , I do miss the fellowship of growing up in a house of crafty women .
Sitting around the table sharing ideas and new projects, discussing what products we do or do not use, tips & tricks .

It was always exciting to see, the mail box holding the Craft Club kit that would arrive for my Grandmother and Aunts once a month.
A special thrill when Grandmother would turn over her box to one of us younger girls to work on. Always, remembering who had worked the last kit she gave away.

This is one of the reasons I encourage those who stop by my blog for a visit..to check out the Sisters..I always come away feeling like I had just sat down at the table with a good cup of coffee and some fantastic Crafty ladies company.

Good luck Sisters on this new venture...hope this helps me get over the hump with posting on boards. I sometimes do get tired of being a lurker ...lol : )
Looks like there is a loads of ideas and creativity going on already !!

Speaking of Kits..a favorite Scrap Blog I like to visit "My Scraptastic World" by Angie is giving everyone a Sneak Peek ,using products from the June Kit showcasing on WeScrap.com called "Cherry Sundae" .

For only $19.99 I do believe for the price, you are getting your moneys worth.
Check out and see what fun ways Angie has put together using this kit.
Love this lady's style !

Thanks for stopping by my world...off to see all the creative goodness you all have been up to :).

1 comment:

Deanne Burton said...

Jean, thank-you so much for your very kind words!!! You've always been such an encouragement to me. When I felt there were no others around that felt what I was doing was any good or worthwhile, you were always there with just the right words for me, to cheer me up and make me feel good again! You always have been and you still are such a wonderful asset to SISTERHOOD of SCRAP because right from the start (literally) you were there for us!!!