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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Boxing up Green Style

This little box came in the mail this week for my husband.

Looking it over before he had the chance to toss it out, I noticed it was the perfect size to hold the recipes cards I have been creating.

Following the same principles that Deanne has posted on her blog for her August 4Th Go Green Challenge.
The paper I used for my box, goes back to 2005 from a kit that Wal-Mart sold back then. (Waste not, Want not) !

Thought this was as good as time as any, to use up some of those endless amount of buttons I have been hoarding.

See how nicely my 6x6 Recipe cards fit in !!

Paint , paper, a little ribbon & some Mod Podge brought this project together.
Thanks for stopping by :) and hope you have a happy crafty week !


Deanne Burton said...

Cool,cool,cool! I love it ooooomuch!!! Great job ,Jean Marie!!!!

Ali said...

Awesome job! I LOVE it!