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Friday, August 28, 2009

Tin Goes Green

A good day to you : )

A little project for you using your household tin. Tin and Faux Tin Luminaries!

I have wanted to try this technique for some time, my first attempt at tin punching.
Hopefully it will get better with practise.

Though, I really do need to learn how to photograph objects in the dark..I apologise for the blurry candle shots.
With that said, I am pleased with the outcome and look forward to trying this project again.

Wash and dry your cans.
Fill with water and let set over night in the freezer to harden
Laying out a towel to catch the chips of ice and water that thaws.
Draw a pattern or tape your pattern (all the way around the can, to the other side of paper)
Using a nail and small hammer, punch out your design.
Paint or decorate to suit your taste. ( I first used Gesso to give it some tooth)

Next up is a faux tin punch

Using a empty pickle jar, cleaned and dry, with label removed.
Using that pesky last strip on the aluminium foil roll, that just never really seems to fit anything.
Size to jar and fold over ends smooth.
tape your pattern to the middle of the foil strip.
Using a needle punch out your pattern. ( make sure you have a piece of foam under your foil)
tape foil at the back to the jar.
This would make a great party decoration , easy to adapt for any theme.
Thanks for stopping by...hope you have a Crafty Trash your Craft Day : ) !


Deanne Burton said...

Awesome, as usual, Jean Marie!!! I LOVE it!!!!!!!

Sue from Oregon said...

I have an old pie safe with punched tin doors...I love that look! This looks like a fun project!

Ali said...

What SMART ideas! And OH- so pretty!

Ali said...

What SMART ideas! And OH- so pretty!