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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hats off to Going Green

My dog, finished up the last of his special treats this weekend and left me with this plastic jug to ponder over.

I thought of many different ways that I could recycle this plastic jug .
Finally committing myself to turn it into a fall decoration.

With paint, card stock, ribbon ,hot glue and a couple of Dollar Tree finds, this plastic throw away will make it's way as part of the Seasonal decorations in my home.
This would be a fun and easy project to get the children involved creating.
A couple of tips.
1. Cut your circle 2 inches wider than the base , so you will have a nice wide rim.
2. I whip stitched around the edge of the circle to give it more texture.
3. After priming , painting and drying your jug and card stock, seal with some Mod Podge and adhere together using a hot glue gun .

That's it !! I just love the little blackbird peeking out from the leaves !
Hope you have a green week and thanks for stopping by my little corner of the world :)
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Deanne Burton said...

Oh Jean,how cool is that!!!!!!