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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Buyer Beware

I am using my blog today as a means of communicating an explanation.

Some of you I have been involved with in challenges, online crops, Message Boards and some of you are new faces and names to me.

A few of the old teachings I have been raised to believe is that your word is your bond, if you can't say something nice, it's better to say nothing at all and to pick and choose your battles.

This is a battle that I choose to pick.
First let me say, I have always believed in supporting small businesses and have worked in this type of field all of my working days.

So I do understand the hardships of starting a new business or venture.
But, I also know that customer relations makes up a very large part of whether you will make it or go under. Building a clientele is a very tricky process and most be handled as if holding a newborn infant.

Ignoring a customers requests for information on goods not received is not a very good way to start out.
I would much rather have a TRUE explanation than none at all.
Excuses for this type of dealings are just that excuses.

When a business can manage to find the time to submit payment for said goods not yet received,
I feel it is the obligation of the seller to the consumer to find the time to notify there may be a problem with their order.

With the Scrapbook industry going through some hard times and Independent stores closing everyday one would think it is in the best interest of a new store to keep all dealings on the up & up.
A simple explanation would have been sufficient to keep this customer happy.

If anything has come out of this...you all now have an open letter of apology from this company for its handling of this matter and I hope this will help in the process of you all receiving the goods you have paid for.

Now one last thing ...I really think it was in bad taste to add the extra comments to the apology on the message board. This most certainly was not on the one I received in private and makes me wonder about the sincerity of your stores apology.

I am insulted as a consumer that a company would consider this matter to be BS or Drama as so put especially when no mention of this problem had been posted to the forum. It is our right as paying customers to question any bad service especially when it is being paid for.

With that said I have pulled any advertisement of support of this business from my blog and ASKED to be removed from the Message Board.
I am not out for the Drama I only want to Craft and Scrap and enjoy all the wonderful works that others create.

So that's it..I usually try to stay away from this type of post... but this type of behavior has to stop, especially when it becomes personal.
For those of you who have no idea what I am writing about I apologize...for those of you who feel I am on the attack... sorry that you feel that way, but I am sure you would understand if the shoe was on your foot.

For those of you who understand what it feels like to be in this situation,
hang tough and know that you are on the side of what is right.


Lois aka katesmum said...

Oh Jean Marie...you are so right about all of this although I don't know the business you are referring to, I do know that this has happened to me awhile back... explanations that were not real... lots of excuses but at least they did not bill me. I really feel that you are not just complaining for nothing.. but have a valid beef and have put it so nicely.

cindy said...

What is the name of the company so I don't support them as well?

CyndiLou said...

Jean--- you are so right! Stay Sweet!

Sue Stampin Daly said...

I know exactly what you mean Jean and that is why I left that company's design team. My advice is to only use well known companies when ordering on-line.

almondeyez2000 said...

I definitely STILL have not received my goods at all! This is very discouraging and I will only stick to one online store who is owned by a very sweet lady! But this store to who you are referring, PLEASE PEOPLE STAY AWAY. I have the BBB involved, all I want is my stuff or my money back, I have not even received stuff from a false store credit she gave me. If anyone wants info on this store please email me at tanishaboyd@ymail.com also, Jean I will link your post to my blog if you dont mind. Along with my own little explanation. I have just been so woorn lately, being sick and dealing with this woman, who has a DT that sees to be just worried about maybe getting free stuff from her instead of her ripping people off, this is frustrating, Thx Jean for this post!

Deanne Burton said...

I left the DT there too! Couldn't take it any more!!!!!