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Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Valley Haunting

A trip to my ancestral and childhood home this past weekend, led to a road trip with my cousin in search of our Duesler ancestors.

Armed with the family history records , a GPS and my lovely cousin to share my adventure with , this was one trip I had been looking forward to making.

A visit to the early churches and burial grounds of my ancestors, whose roots run deep in the history and heart of the Mohawk Valley Region of NY .

A video, I put together of the churches and grounds that they married in , baptized their children, built their frontier homes and came to their final rest.

Now in this area that is rich in Indian and early American history there are bound to be many tales of ghosts and haunted grounds.

One such place is Beardslee Castle, now converted into a restaurant.

Stopping by Beardslee in search of a bite to eat and to talk over the days events.

We found the Castle to be at full capacity with two weddings being hosted and a full house of diners the waiting would be 1 - 2 hours even in the dungeon are of the castle.

Leaving Beardslee Castle I did manage to click off a couple of pics.

Clarity is pretty bad in these photos, it was an after thought to snap these pics as we were leaving in search of a quicker meal.

Hey, you never know...you just may find you have captured something unusual.

As you can see...nothing of an unusual nature here :)

In this first video , you will find a brief history of the Castle .

The next two videos will tell the story of Beardslee Castle haunting.

Here you will find a link to a list of live web cams were you may catch a glimpse of ghostly haunting's .

Hope you all have a fun filled week as we approach this years Halloween Celebration.

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