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Monday, October 5, 2009

RIP Pumpkin King

A Creatively Green Project Challenge.
Using a box create a Halloween themed project for under $5.oo.

Here are the bones for my project.
Styrofoam ball .50 from my personal supplies
Free Newspaper
salt flour & water from my kitchen
Paint ,Mod Podge ,hot glue and Ink from my supplies.
I will estimate between $1.25 - $1.75 worth of supplies to complete this project.

The end result... a Paper Mache Pumpkin King Tombstone.

I used the hot glue to create my inscription and added dimensions

While I am on the subject of tombstones.....it is the Halloween Season after all !

What better than a Graveyard for a Halloween delight or fright !

My Great Grandfather was a Stone Mason.

Entering into business with his brother they carved a living, out of Memorials for the deceased.The above monument photograph was sent to me, by one of his Grand daughters while researching this branch of my family tree. What a treasure to come across.
The story goes that he carved and was particularly fond of this piece, so the photo continues on today.

It's resting place, the rolling hills of Forest Hill Cemetery Utica, New York.

A beautiful landscape of hills and valleys surrounded by trees .On this video at time marker 1:32...not positive but I believe you may see this Stone Angel .

Next trip up North I think I will have to check this out.

One can not discuss Cemeteries with out mention of the "City of the Dead"to be found in the City of New Orleans.very interesting history behind these Crypts.

Another unusual cemetery is located in London, England.

The grounds and the carvings are stunning.
You may read a little of High Gate Cemetery's history here , you will also find some additional hauntingly beautiful images.

Here you will find some tombstone Epitaphs of some famous people.
For a little Halloween fun stop by here and create your own Epitaph.
Thanks for stopping by :).

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almondeyez2000 said...

Oh wow! I wish I lived near you!! I don't think I am quite that crafty, and that would sure scare my son, lol! I love it!