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Friday, November 30, 2007

Autumn Photo Challenge

Today,is the last day for the Autumn Photo Challenge hosted by

Out of a list of 50 I managed to commit myself to 30..not to bad for a first time challenge.

Still in the infant stages of learning how to become friends with my camera and all that it can do for me ,I thought this would be a good beginning.
I learnt a few thing by the end of this challenge...the most important...make sure I had my camera with me and ready to go...you just never know when a photo op...will reveal itself to you.

As I looked thru the list...I was very excited to try Challenge #5 ,birds flying South.
I live directly under the migrating path of the birds flying down from the North Country and look forward to the sound of their calls to each other as they fly over in search of the many fields and ponds that are located in my area. Here they will rest for a time span as they gather to make the long journey South.

The tricky part of this particular challenge was all in the timing and the weather,they like to pass over my house,very early in the morning under the cover of fog..which is plentiful here in the fall.

Thinking that I may have missed my chance ...I heard them coming from a distance and knew from the sound they where many and would be in pattern.
The Geese were flying low and the sky was clear,with a couple of snaps in a moment I had my shot.

The most challenging for me was #14 dancing leaves..the trees in my yard had reached full color and they where calling for rain...not only did it rain but a wind blew in so strong that I knew my trees would be bare soon...I waited for the rain to take a brief break and was able to catch many shots of the leaves in my yard dancing about.

The photo I submitted for this challenge is my favorite because the leaves seem to be just hanging in the air.

Participating in this challenge has helped me to look at the world around me a little bit closer...little details that you would otherwise overlook ,in a second reveal another side.

I am looking forward to future challenges by Deanne and hope that in time the quality of my shots will improve and I will be able to complete all the photo challenges on the list.
If you would like to see my photos for the Challenge you may view them here.
And if you have the chance check out the participants of this challenge and there interpretations,you may find links to them here .Well done Ladies!!
And a big Thanks to Deanne for taking the time to host this fun and inspiring challenge.
I would recommend anyone to give this a try not only is it fun ,it is a great learning experience.


Jacqueline said...

Wow! Those are some great shots! I know that if I hadn't lost my camera I would be enjoying participating in these photo challenges. Don't see another camera in my near future after losing that one. :(

Deanne said...

Awesome photos!!!! Thanks for participating in the photo challenge!!!!!