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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Storage Solutions on a Budget

I have discovered when it comes to storing my craft supplies,I hate to pay the high prices for storage containers...not to mention the chunk of money it pulls from my monthly craft budget.

I am always looking for some inexpensive ways to alter common everyday products for storage...not only is it budget friendly but I get to craft and design my storage containers to my own personal taste.

One of my favorite storage tips is a tutorial on "Altered Vertical Paper Storage Holders"...you just use a 12 x 12 Priority Mail box that you can pick up for "FREE" (love that word) from your local Post office..a little archival Spray,Gesso and your favorite Papers and embellishments and you are on your way......the design possibilities are endless .Think of all the money you can save with this one tip!!!

Tutorial for this project by Nicole Wozniak Courtesy of ScrapGalaxy

Another little storage tip I like is for those long and just funny shaped tools we all have...that just can not seem to find a proper home.Take any tall box, (I have used a Liquor gift box) cut to size embellish with your favorite products.

This box is for housing my brushes...(Sorry about the funny side scan...for a blog challenge).
Not only is it functional and roomy but it also adds a touch of personality to my craft room.

So start looking around at the containers you would normally throw away and see if you can come up with some ideas for your own storage issues....Would love to see what you come up with !


Anonymous said...

Hey Jean!! I LOVE the way your storage box turned out!!!

Love your new blog too!! I was wondering what had happened to your other one, now I know!! I'm going to add your new blog to my blog roll too!

Stop for checking out my new place too!!

allykitty5 said...

Good idea for the 12x12 storage box! I'll have to try that because my paper always gets wrinkled!

educatingdrew said...

Just remind your readers it is against the law to go to the Post Office and take the free boxes with the intent to use them for crafts. But the ones that they have received in the mail or form friends or family --- well that would be great. Those would not be going into the garbage. ~smile~

Jean Marie said...

Thank you ED for this heads Up!