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Monday, September 17, 2007

"Keep the Can"

I love the changing of the seasons,especially from summer to fall.
Something about the coolness in the air on a bright sunny day....just makes me want to play.

I decided today my crayons needed a home..I have had this small unused paint can around forever and figured today was as good as any to bring it to use.

I picked it up at a garage sale ages ago for a dime.

I was inspired by a challenge here posted by a DTM to play with School supplies...though it called for a lo...I chose to alter a project.
I found a crayon template here brought it down to size to fit my paint can.

With paints, ribbons, Cardstock, jute fiber and crayons,
some Gesso and Mudge Podge, I was on my way to a fun little project, in betweens load of laundry..(can't have to much fun).

So here is my little can for a dime and some old leftover supplies...before you kick the can to the curb....look it over you never know what you may come up with.


Scrapdragons said...

awesome!! I have a paint can too waiting to be redone.


Deanne said...

Wow!!! A great project, Jean!!!