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Sunday, September 16, 2007

"Waste not Want not"

My favorite new storage is .......cigar boxes...since I can get them free from my work...it makes it even better.
I like to use these for storing those little things that I just can not seem to find a home for.
They add a little color and storage to my bookcase shelf.
Here are a few I have done...with many more to come ..sitting unfinished in my storage closet :).

If you stop by your local Liquor or Cigar shop ...you can ask if they have any they are going to toss...most dealers of cigars like to remove them from their original boxes and store in humidors.
It never hurts to try...if not free ...I am sure they will only cost pennies :)

A little tip for you....the Packaging Basic Grey Ribbons come in can be opened and cut to size they fit perfect in the boxes and will keep your small spools of Ribbon from being tossed about.
It is also a great way to use of some of your leftover scraps of paper!!
My Motto is "Waste not Want not"

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