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It rather denotes a lack of courage."

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Friday, September 21, 2007

"Bag it Up Please"

The favorite fall fruit in my house are Macintosh Apples from NY.
A couple times in the season my Mother will send us down bags of Macs.
The crunch of the apple a good book and a rest on the hammock...perfect fall moment for me.

I store away the Paper Peck Bags that the apples come in as they are very sturdy and have good strong handles.
Pulled one out yesterday,inspired by a Members Challenge from ScrapGalaxy to alter a bag or can for Halloween.
I decided to make a bag to store my candy for the Trick or Treats this Halloween.

Located a cool mask found here and proceeded to cut it apart
brought out the Puffy paint,Card stock and glue and just had some good old fashioned fun.
I cut the mask apart and used Puffy Paint ,then painted in the lines with red dimensional paint.
I wanted something gruesome... for me Halloween is all about the Scary...my three sons are a big reason for that...Mums and Pumpkins are fine for me...but my boys always wanted the scary.
For a few pennies of paint and card stock you can add the Gruesome to your Halloween.


Deanne said...

That is a cool project! You are a very talented lady!!! I love it!

Angie said...

Jean Marie! I love this new blog and you KNOW I love the bag you made! That witch is sure is scarey!!!